Take the simple sentence- “Can you manage to do that?”   

What does it mean to you?  

Does it mean can you, the person, achieve it yourself?  

Or is it asking, “can another team member/ person, manage someone else to do so?”   

The ambiguities and nuances of language have long been documented by translators the world over to get to the true localised meaning of a word, a phrase and sentence.   

Are your leadership or development programmes professionally translated to maintain integrity of meaning and specifically reflect the cultural nuances required at senior business to business levels?   

Do you remember the HSBC adverts where they showed the sole of a shoe? 

It beautifully demonstrated that in some cultures this is a compliment, in others, an insult.   

Effective use of language and the correct translation of, can be crucial in delivering the intended message, sentiment or factual piece of information.   

If you are using it in compliance, HR policies content or senior leadership programmes, can you afford to get it wrong?   

Contact Rick.Macdonald@accentuagroup.com to see where we can be of help and share our team of local, in country native translators, to help you get it right. 

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