Ever heard that phrase?   

I’m sure we are all familiar with the concept of offering something to open the door and remove barriers to a trial for new engagement or working relationships.   

Maybe a discount voucher to try a new restaurant or service of some type!  

We use them every day in our private lives…  

We prefer to call it as it is – a door opener – so why not contact us at #Accentua to discuss what we can do to help remove the barrier to opening the door and make it an easy experience to benchmark and or refresh your existing translation needs.  

We are confident in the positive experience that you would enjoy and why so many of your peers then engage us on a permanent basis as their Trusted Language Partner, benefiting from a relationship that delivers:   

  • Experienced industry and commercially sensitive resource to apply to your projects via virtual team members.  
  • Improved costs – direct and indirect, to give you a competitive edge  
  • Comfort – in sharing a great positive, proactive, communicative relationship, that goes the extra mile, treating your opportunity as if it were our own.  
  • Security in the knowledge that your projects will be delivered on  time, on budget and with the quality criteria met. 
  • Trust – that we do what we say, when we say we will 
  • Confidence – that critically, we are upfront and honest. If there is  a challenge or a problem, from your side or ours, we will let you  know and work with you to resolve it.  

Contact me if you’d like to open a door at Rick.Macdonald@accentuagroup.com 

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