Language solutions
for global business

When you need to get your message across.

What we do

We make words work

For legal transcripts or global learning content be it verbal, written or visual.

Who we are

Putting people back into the language business

A committed and motivated team at Accentua working closely with a large pool of language specialists and you, the client.

What we offer

We’ve got it covered

Not just a translation company, we also support Interpreting, Transcription, Voiceover, DTP and Subtitling with the same attention to detail and levels of expertise.


We’ve got our ducks lined up

Ours is a consultative approach where we seek to understand your needs to ensure we can deliver in-line with your objectives by deploying a great team, rigorous processes and a commitment to success.

In good company

The partner of choice for many leading NL law firms and global L&D organisations

Through investment of time to develop trusted business relationships, becoming virtual team members and the “go to point”.