Autumn is upon us and as part of our quarterly reviews, we’ve been revisiting our activity over the summer. Our results show that our business pipeline and forecast has delivered the largest number of quote requests and confirmed bookings from our clients to date! 

So, what does that say to us? 

  • That everyone was trying to get quotes in before the summer holidays started? 
  • That the market is buoyant for #eLearning development in particular? 
  • That corporates recognise the benefits of communicating in local language to promote inclusion? 
  • That services and products are trading in a further reaching global market? 
  • That our clients are confident in us and are returning time after time with new and repeat projects? That the experience with us is a trusted and enjoyable one? 
  • That we tick the boxes required?

If you are one of our lovely clients reading this post – leave us a comment and tell us what you like (or don’t like too) about engaging with us or why you think the market is buoyant for quote and project requests?   

But either way – a huge thank you to everyone who has trusted us again with their client work.   

We are honoured, proud and grateful to be part of your solution. 

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