The three key points summarised by Stefani Gianni, Assistant Director General for education when opening the UNESCO Digital Learning Week in Paris, on 4th September 2023  

  1. 1. We have duty to use technology in education in a global way
  2. Digital learning must be a public common good
  3. Generative AI in education is to be used wisely and on our own terms.

UNESCO is committed to enabling areas where technology has not been available to level the playing field for education and the subsequent opportunities it creates – economic growth, life chances and future sustainability.  

#Language and #localisation are an essential part of that change for inclusion.   

To our network of learning partners and training and development companies we ask; –  

Are you committed to the cause? 

Where are you next focused in terms of globalising your content?  

Education, health, compliance, commerce? 

Which countries and which sectors are you supporting?  

If you about to start the journey of translating your material, do contact us to see where we can offer our support rick.macdonald@accentuagroup.com  

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