Back at the beginning of the year the below key topics were stated as being the trends on forecast for the year. As we are already in October, we wonder which of these you are investing in, considering or which are having the greatest impact for you?  

  1. Increased use of Machine Translation and Post Edit
  2. Greater reach to your global audience through the use of Transcreation and Translation
  3. Greater reach to your global audiences through the development of multi-lingual SEO strategies
  4. Continued rise in the use of eLearning platforms with localised content for your client audience
  5. Continued growth and demand for Translation and Interpreting services across medical and health environments

One thing the Covid pandemic and the subsequent cultural and economic impacts have accelerated is the change in global demographics, how we communicate, work, learn and trade. So where is your next challenge, in one of the above or other? Let us know in the comments!  

If you are focused on a new challenge, call us for a chat and advice – no obligation at all! rick.macdonald@accentuagroup.com   

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