Are you investigating a need for translation and a little bewildered by the options available to you?  

If a document is business critical, then a human translation is a must. 

If not, then perhaps our MT/ Human in the loop service may be perfect for you.  

Before making your final choice, reflection is needed to also consider: – 

  • What’s the desired impact value of the content you are creating and need to translate? 
  • Who is your target audience? 
  • Can you spend the time required to further correct machine translation output? 
  • Is the document / text suitable? 
  • After investing in the design, is this a shortchange option that won’t do it justice?

Not all content is MT friendly – particularly pharmaceutical and medical, legal, creative, technical, guides / instructions, professional service based, emotive or directive language so it could, if not discussed, end up costing you more than you are trying to save in both time and money.  

If you are about to start a project and are still unsure, please call or mail us to see where we can offer support rick.macdonald@accentuagroup.com

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