We had a recent discussion here at #Accentua regarding the role of the #linguist in translation and how underutilised their skills are in many business sectors. 

We already know that their skills can be used for #translation and #interpreting but when you focus that on various business sectors, it expands where they can be deployed for commercial benefit.  

Consider the creative, marketing and branding sectors – the linguists can be used to test a shortlist of brand names, product descriptors and positioning options to ensure it resonates in that particular market.  

Our linguists are responsive, intelligent, commercially centric and can be a really useful resource for many things other than just that of translation.  

So dear reader – how can our linguists help you? If you are venturing into new markets with a product, service or market research – let us help you! rick.macdonald@accentuagroup.com 

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