As we are all aware, the world around us evolves quickly. None more so than in the field of technology and the impacts it has. AI accelerates and adds value and impacts both positively and negatively. Add economic pressures  in the commercial world and that can tip the scales in the wrong direction.

Sadly, we have witnessed the closure of the WCS Group in the Netherlands and its associated companies of which there are 12, recently file for bankruptcy.

This highly respected group has been going for many years and built up expertise in various sectors where technical, industry specific language skills were required. In legal, health, marketing, web design and others for conference and legal, remote, on site/ in court and sworn interpreting, translation and SEO language creation. And while AI and machine based translation continues to  answer a need for speed, cost management and may fit the bill in many situations –   we must also remember that when mature skill is lost, it takes longer to replace. Losing that skill can become more costly and scarce over time, as resources turn to other income.

Whilst we are not aware of all of the contributing factors, it still impacts the people involved- owners, employees and clients. So to all at The WCS group and its associated companies, we wish everyone good luck in your next ventures. Please do contact us if we can be of help.

Clients –  if you find you need support, we would of course be happy to help at this time.

Please contact us at, one of our project managers will help.

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