Accentua firmly believe that the AI revolution has had a profound impact on the field of translation and localisation, transforming the way content is translated, adapted, and made accessible to global audiences.   

As we are starting to see AI find its natural place in translation and importantly, localisation for text and voice, the more it confirms that there are key subject areas where it just doesn’t quite hit the mark.   

Areas such as Finance, Healthcare, Technical and Marketing for example where names, numbers, cultural nuances, creativity, emotion and context are crucial. 

Let’s look at cultural nuances where AI, especially in its current state, can face challenges in capturing and interpreting the subtle and context-dependent aspects of language, behaviour, and communication that vary across different cultures. These nuances can include idiomatic expressions, humour, politeness levels, and cultural references that may not have direct equivalents in other languages.  

This is where expertise by human translators proves invaluable. 

So, whilst AI can enhance productivity, reduce the costs and turnaround time on projects, here is the important bit – only when a linguistic expert is still involved.  

If your organisation is embarking on this journey and considering the adoption of AI translation, be careful to assess your specific needs, the nature of the content, and the quality requirements to determine the most effective and cost-efficient approach to language translation, with all options weighed up. #Accentua would be more than happy to help you navigate this.  

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