There is nothing greater than when supporting a client, they take the time to recognise and comment on the value of the experience that we deliver. 

And we don’t mean financially, but shared brain power, experience, solutions, confidence, trust, openness and inclusion.

Clear and simple, open conversations – no games, just clear involvement from the word go.  

It takes time to build these relationships and we do so quietly and respectfully, delivering consistently and letting our support speak for itself. 

So, in the world of AI rapid advances, which absolutely have their place for efficiencies – we are happy to be recognised for where our human, expert value still makes a difference. 

Thanks to our clients for unprompted kind words like these…  

Excellent – 9/10!  

A client comment recently received from a global engineering company sums it up. The project team consisted of one of our learning partners, the end client senior project lead and Accentua team members working within an agile project environment and to date consisted of: –  

1 language, 35 files, 45k words across 5 eLearning modules, artwork and workshop materials for print, a slideshow, film and subtitles. 

Working within a tight deadline in demanding circumstances, it was delivered on time, to successful quality levels and on budget.  

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