It is evident we are living in turbulent times economically, but both the eLearning and language markets are still predicting growth against a retracted workforce and ever-increasing skills gaps.   

Are your clients trying to replace skills that may have left or, recently expanded into different countries in an attempt to source the skills required as a result?  

Either way, corporate entities continue to drive compliance, HR core information, induction, and leadership programmes via eLearning to a global work force as a strategy to fulfil demand. 

As an eLearning provider is this an opportunity you are harnessing? Are the languages you translate into correctly reflecting and addressing the shifting global demographics?  

 As an example, we have had three enquiries in the last week to translate into Swahili.  

Could this be an opportunity you are missing, a differentiator to make you stand out from a crowded competitive marketplace?   

If it’s an area that’s new to you and you aren’t sure where to start or, if you are already translating your portfolio into other languages but need additional support, do come and find out why we are winning projects and how we can help you make a difference.   

Contact me at Rick.Macdonald@accentuagroup.com   

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