…there’s still very much a place for human voiceover and yes, while we advocate the many advantages of TTS, there will always be the need for high quality human voiceover when circumstances demand target audience, complex messaging, sensitive cultural nuances or subjects, specialised local accents, to name but a few. 

Throughout this year we have worked on more voiceover projects than in prior years, into many languages and with subject areas ranging from Health and Safety to Cyber Security.    

So, when only the best will do – make like a scout!  

For best results and getting the perfect fit – prepare early; choose the talent, educate the end client regarding the risks, prepare a pronunciation glossary, commit to timelines, even be bold enough to build in contingency dates for unforeseen circumstances like any retakes that may be required, or a client change to the script.  

Work with us and we will work to support you to be “forewarned and forearmed!”  

Do drop me a note to talk your project through, I’d be happy to help  

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