… have you ever been mid eLearning project when you hit a challenge regarding the voiceover talent you’ve selected?  

Is this a familiar scene?  

Deadlines are looming and you need a retake due to change in content or a last-minute update! And to top it all, there is little or not enough budget left to cover it.  

Suddenly the talent is sick, on holiday last minute or booked elsewhere. Time is running out!   

My blood pressure is rising thinking about it!  

Sadly, it’s a challenge that everyone producing eLearning content is likely to have experienced at some stage or another and isn’t it always the projects you really don’t want it to happen to.  

Our Neural TTS solution gives you another option and puts you back in control.  

Of course, we know it isn’t suitable for all projects, but just maybe it’s worth checking it out in advance to have in your back pocket.  

If it’s a project that you believe may change, is complex or demanding due to circumstances out of your control, maybe, just maybe, it’s worth considering TTS at the outset?  

“A winning effort begins with preparation.” – Joe Gibbs

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin  

So maybe its worth getting your ducks lined up as a risk mitigation option, have the demos presented and chosen on standby, just in case…then sit back and breathe!  

Drop us a line for more information or for bespoke demos – just in case!!  

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