Neural TTS Voiceovers  

Historically, it’s always a bit of a battle between ideal voiceover talent vs choice and availability.  

What is more nerve-racking and creates more risk than getting to the end of a project and being completely stuck due the absence of a voiceover talent?   

It can happen for many reasons!  

The talent is completely booked, has got a cold and lost their voice, has taken a vacation or worse, retired and won’t be available again.  

In one stroke continuity is lost. Does that sound familiar?  

What are your options at this stage? 

  1. You can start from zero with another voiceover talent selection and compromise budget, time and probably jeopardize your relationship with your client
  2. Give up on implementing the changes and compromise the quality and final message  


  1. Contact Accentua and investigate our Neural TTS solution now so for your next project it’s under your control. 
  2. Our service provides the flexibility to ensure that from inception to completion, all changes and retakes, being preferential or required will be safely recorded by the same voice.
  3. Not just first time but EVERY time – all subsequent course updates, or further additions in a series or development path can use the same voice for consistency.

Do you really need more reasons than that?  

Don’t just take our word for it – drop us a line for more information –  

#tts #texttospeech #motiongraphics #voiceover #animatedvideo 

#tts #texttospeech #motiongraphics #voiceover #animatedvideo