Neural TTS Voiceovers – Are recording studios going to be defunct?

11 May 2022

Many times, we have seen new technologies rapidly overtake the old, relegating what was previously cutting edge to become outdated and obsolete.  

Now the development of Artificial Intelligence and Neural voices have come to stay, it begs the question “are conventional human voiceovers going to die?”

We might have to wait a few years to answer this question, but our best guess is that it will evolve, morph and adapt but not die.   

The reason? Humans can’t (yet) be completely replaced by machines but it will certainly affect the way recording studios works.   

Accentua’s Neural TTS voices are a budget sensitive alternative to human voiceover, with faster turnaround times and in more than 60+ languages and accents.  

Are you going to stick with the traditional way of creating your eLearning content with both the benefits and challenges that creates or, are you open to new technologies?   

Why not do a project comparison with us, you may be surprised! 

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