Despite being perceived as the lingua franca for much of the globe, it’s true to say that people who communicate solely in English can only effectively communicate with 25% of today’s global society given the relative population growth in different regions.   

This situation dramatically inhibits the global population’s ability to regroup and find it’s metaphorical feet post-pandemic, at a time when diverse language skills are essential to the sharing of knowledge, ideas and a combined way forward.   

The new year brings the opportunity for organisations to review the way in which they communicate, internally and externally. To take stock of the frequency and manner of communication and to look at new and innovative ways to share information.   

Accentua’s team routinely works with clients to review global communication and information delivery methods, both digitally and physically. Contact us to discuss how our #languageservices can help you realise your 2022 #communication plans. #letstalk

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