Humans are social beings, and this is particularly apparent when it comes to how we learn! Learners accessing social learning features will watch 30x more hours of learning than learners who don’t, according to LinkedIn’s 2021 Workplace Report.  

The pandemic has seen teams become disconnected and disbursed geographically, so the ability to collectively access Q&A sessions, share courses or collaborate in learning groups has never been more important.   

Increasingly, companies and brands are actively building community around co-learning. Bringing together team members from across countries, continents and the globe to share their collective experience on a particular topic and learn from and with each other. This takes the combined skill of the content creator and the facilitator, with a huge role played by the #languageservicesuppliers enabling #contentlocalisation and #interpreting. As a result, the impact of this collective learning is amplified dramatically, and the global team network is upskilled in a myriad of different ways.   

Accentua’s global team has many years’ experience supporting L&D content delivery, both in person, virtually and digitally, to teams around the world. Talk to us about how we can help your business foster and develop its learning community. #letstalk 

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