Have you ever played The Whisper Game, where one person starts with a message and shares it around the table – it’s usually very different and hilarious by the time it comes back to the starting point. 

Or heard the words of a song and it sounds completely different – my personal favourite is “pork sausages” instead of “monstrosities” in Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen).  

As Corporate brands increasingly build communities around co-learning, bringing together team members from across the globe to share their collective experience, it takes the skill of the content creator to interpret and demonstrate the core message in the most engaging and transferable way.  

And when it comes down to the objective of the content, the accuracy of information that needs to be understood is critical.  

But have you considered the impact of the quality of your translation and localisation when preparing it for your global audience?  

It also takes the skill of experienced translators to maintain context, intention and messaging integrity, while reflecting localised interpretation of the word or image and country culture to ensure it connects as intended!  

So, secure your ROI, don’t compromise and jeopardise your investment or integrity of content when it comes to your global audience.  

Translate and localise with human accuracy so that the power, energy and desired impact of your message is delivered on point and keep your “pork sausages” at bay…   

Do pop us a note if you have a global project in planning stages to see how we’ve helped thousands of others achieve their goal.