And Check! 

It’s so refreshing to know and have validation via a recent Nimzdi* report on the language market, that when it comes to being aligned with the current needs and wishes of clients who purchase language support services, that we tick every box! 

Here at #Accentua, we utterly and completely live and die by our core principles of engagement. So, in addition to our own client feedback, our beliefs and motivation, to also get external validation of getting it right gives us renewed energy and determination to continue sharing what we do! 

We talk about Accentua because we are proud of what we achieve for our clients.  

Our team are committed, respectful, extremely knowledgeable and place our clients, both direct and indirect, at centre and forefront of everything we do. 

If that isn’t your experience with your language partner, please get in touch and we can show you what a great relationship really looks like! 

*In a 2022 study, Nimdzi gathered responses from localization decision-makers to understand what the deciding factors are when selecting an LSP to partner with. While on-time delivery and quality management are (unsurprisingly) highly valued by localization buyers, it’s worth noting that communication, flexibility, and transparency are just as important. In fact, 56% of respondents report that they want to work with providers who can be “partners to [their] business,” supporting the qualitative data gathered in interviews that indicates localization managers want external partners that can become an extension of their internal teams.