Was it something I said?

10 November 2021

Is Ghosting honestly acceptable in business?  

Professional Ghosting is a term we hear increasingly and is defined as “when a business contact suddenly becomes unresponsive to all forms of communication, without explanation.” But why is it done and how on earth can it be considered an acceptable practice?  

It’s true that shifting priorities, changes in focus and corporate decision-making processes mean organisations must be agile in their thinking and their actions. However, there can be few viable reasons for radio silence, where existing business relationships have developed, and communications have previously been open. “Was it something I said?”  

#Communication is an intrinsic part of what makes us human – the need for information exchange is part of who we are and how we learn. In business, it’s how we interact on every level with colleagues, clients, and customers and open communication conveys the ethos of our brand values to our peers in business. When interaction stops abruptly and with seemingly no reason, what impression does this give of us as individuals and of our organisations?  

Any update however brief, beats radio silence – #letstalk 

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