We recognise the pressure of budget compression, various content value perception and audience needs, and there may come a point where there is a need to trade-off between quality and budget without squeezing the pips out.      

In pursuit of that, there may be efficiency and financial gains which can be achieved by leveraging AI tools for speed, if it delivers acceptable levels of quality. 

Our role is to share the knowledge and experience we have gained, to help guide you to choose the best language solution for the project in hand or a wider need when you find yourself in a position to make those choices. 

  • Whether it be full human translation and project management when there is no room for compromise. 
  • Or, leveraging AI translation with our #Accentua ‘quality’ wrapper, incorporating human skills at critical points, to improve quality for the final output and therefore de-risking quality issues at both language and project stages. 
  • Or, simply leveraging AI 

When deciding which is the best solution, it’s important to recognise that AI, while advanced in its development, does not understand emotion, culture and humour.  

Neither is it consistent in its output and can introduce costly errors. 

While hugely developed and improved, not all tools are equal in terms of ability to learn from input and correction. 

It is our business to cut through the ‘chaff’ and the ‘sales speak’ of the tools available, to recognise where and when they do and don’t add value and to share our experience of where “fingers have been burnt” so you don’t burn yours. 

So, if you are curious, investigating options, or in any doubt what the best solution is for your translation need, do call us as we ARE language specialists. 

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