Neural TTS Voiceovers – a credible alternative to human voiceover

Neural TTS Voiceovers – a credible alternative to human voiceover

17 March 2022

Human Voiceover x Neural TTS Voiceover? Will the machine win and overcome human skills?  

With the development of artificial intelligence, we have seen machines learn and imitate human behaviour in many ways. The scenario is now the same for voiceover.  

Clearly, we are not saying the need for traditional human voiceover will become obsolete, but will work alongside.   

The Neural TTS voices learn from experienced voiceover talents (with consent) and replicate their voices with a natural sounding performance. It takes both routes to contribute and create the best possible output.   

The advantage of Neural TTS is that output can be controlled thereby creating consistent quality, by pasting the text into the voice engine. As neural voices don’t get husky or skip words, the human flaws are completely eliminated from the process.  

On the other hand, computer generated voices don’t readily express or emote.  

To address this, Accentua’s Neural TTS voices are enhanced by trained native speaker linguists, who fine-tune the raw audio to deliver a fluid and suitable voiceover.  

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