International Remote Workers: How to support the L&D needs of an all-remote workforce


 The concept of the Digital Nomad was somewhat a novelty pre-pandemic – an enviable position for those with the ability to work remotely from anywhere in the world. However, in an age where Covid-related restrictions have seen the global workforce go all-remote, countries are using various strategies to court the increasing number of digital nomads, hoping that their workforce contribution will help boost respective national economies.   

So, whilst countries race to offer the most attractive incentives in terms of preferential tax rates and Digital Nomad visas, the businesses hiring these workers in-country must consider how best to support their remote L&D needs.   

When it comes to offering best-in-class #eLearning to a remote workforce, the ability for a business to #communicate with its people and talk their #language no matter where in the world they are working, is key.   

Accentua’s diverse eLearning #languagesolutions enable businesses to communicate a consistent message, to a remote workforce, whoever and wherever they are in the world. Talk to us today about how we can support the delivery of learning content to your global workforce. #Letstalk 

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