How do we do it?

16 January 2021

#Accentua, a central resource for all language service needs. At Accentua we offer a range of services including; #Translation, #Certifiedtransltion #Localisation, #Interpreting, #Voiceover and #DTP.

How do we do it?

  • A team of associates covering multiple language combinations
  • In country for localised knowledge
  • Expertise across multiple industry sectors
  • Certified linguistic experts as each sector requires
  • Technology and tools that maximise efficiency, quality and manage cost
  • Experienced project managers and process
  • Quality metrics and KPI’s
  • Secure mail and storage environments for confidential file transfer
  • Leverage of translation memories, that are jointly owned
  • We match skills and service levels, ensuring they are fit for purpose, by sector, considering time constraints and budget demands.

How can we help you achieve your results today?

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