Localising An Off-The-Shelf Course Library – Not for the Faint-Hearted!  

Accentua’s L&D team are seeing an increasing number of #eLearning providers looking to localise their off-the-shelf course library for a global client base. This type of project is being driven by an increasing demand for immediate access to courseware from end users and their global staff network.   

Such a project requires significant investment on the part of the eLearning provider – both in financial terms and time involved – and all this in the context of an industry where the demand for new off-the-shelf content continues to grow exponentially. So, when is a good time to #localise your existing courseware?  

Our consultative approach means that we can provide a bespoke solution for your project, saving you both time and money. Contact us to find out more. #letstalk 

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