The Value of Robust Processes – commercial security & mitigating risk  

The Value of Robust Processes – commercial security & mitigating risk  

29 September 2022

When #translating information for a client in any field, file security is paramount to safeguard the contents, mitigate risk and provide peace of mind. None more so than when handling the sensitive information contained within #legal documentation.  

One of our clients felt sufficiently moved by their experience of Accentua’s business practices to make the following comments as part of a supplier file security review:  

‘We are impressed with Accentua’s understanding, depth, breadth, and robustness of processes deployed to ensure the security of our files. They have displayed a unique understanding, beyond that of their competitors, and have clearly demonstrated they have taken every step to consider the impacts of how our files were managed. In doing so they mitigated our risk in the flow of file management, both during and after translation.’  

In short, they felt that given the nature of their cases, they were more secure as a business placing their translation work with us. Combined with the quality and service they enjoyed, this meant that they were happy to recommend the use of #Accentua company-wide, including other locations.   

Our team work extremely hard to safeguard our clients’ information and it goes without saying that we are delighted that our efforts are borne out in this feedback!  

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