Neural TTS Voiceovers – Let’s talk about cost!

20 April 2022

When it comes to voiceover projects there are many factors and variables that can influence the cost of the recording.  

Traditional human voiceover rates vary and reflect the choices made: be it the talent selection, video duration, in which platform the recording will be presented, languages required and scale of the project. Of course, discounts may apply when booking multiple videos simultaneously to help manage the budget.  

Now the evolution of voiceover ‘Text to Speech’ technology is reshaping the budget requirements to support these projects by offering a competitive alternative to human voiceover, whilst retaining both quality levels and professionalism.  

What started as a great aspiration didn’t realise it’s full potential due the robotic output.   

We all recognise it from its application in cars as GPS voices, then later as large companies started to show a much more interesting facet with virtual assistants.   

As a result, as humans we have grown accustomed to it’s use and now our robotic (but impressive!) friends are starting to take over the business world, reducing the barriers of acceptability and increasing familiarity so that as users, this becomes a very real and acceptable solution to our re-conditioned ear.

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