Neural TTS Voiceovers – Different voices / styles to suit all requirements

26 April 2022

As an industry, it is widely recognised that it is beneficial to match the relevant, voice and style to different subject matter content and target audiences to achieve best engagement, retention and ROI impact.

For example – the ideal Neural TTS voice for a Finance eLearning course may be different of a TTS voice for a new employee’s welcome video.

Securing the correct voiceover talent for your project is key to delivering the message successfully to your target audience.

Traditionally, the number of voices and style of speech available varies according to the chosen language making talent selection arduous and then possibly not available once selected.

Accentua’s Neural TTS offers a far more flexible solution!

We can create personalised demos so you can hear a single or selection of voices applied to your script to ensure you choose the best fit.

Once selected, you are safe in the knowledge that they will be available when required for the first and the last project, with ongoing continuity and longevity  

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