Diversity, equality and inclusion have become a key part of workplace policy.   

Social media channels are full of posts, still requesting roles to be fulfilled to support it and commenting upon it’s use in the workplace. Challenging whether it is driving full cultural change or not? Is it yet endemic in corporate culture and evidenced by consistent behaviour from top to bottom? 

We also know that there is a skills shortage, as many mature employees didn’t return to work post covid. Add to this a change in working behaviours, rapid advancements in technology being deployed and economic difficulties.  

As a result, many globally faced organisations are building teams with an ever-growing demographic. Every country has a changing landscape of workforce nationalities, age and skill set, creating communication challenges when managing team members. 

So, I wonder, is your company truly inclusive? Is it or should language also be included in policy? Should employees at every level be expected to converse in a non-native language? Consider employee handbooks, compliancy requirements, internal communications, performance review documents, let alone training materials. 

Is it being inclusive to expect a clear understanding of all policies, if not in one’s own language. Ask yourself, would you sign a contract or understand what is expected of you in your role, if it was communicated in a language you were not comfortable with. 

Are career opportunities a level playing field with all candidates receiving equal consideration if the organisation’s lead language varies to theirs? 

Does the cost per head to translate essential documentation become irrelevant when considering the total cost of employment and potential of an individual in post? 

We haven’t undertaken those calculations, but we can support your #localisation and #translations to make your policy truly inclusive and help your organisation really achieve the return they hope for when investing in #globalrecruitment. 

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