We all aware of the exponential speed and growth in #eLearning deployment during lockdowns and the pandemic and how that accelerated deployment for many to provide a fabulous option to support the critical learning needs of many organisations.    

It allowed them to maintain #compliance requirements, #communication and inform their teams providing much needed stability and support in very strange times.   

But how great is it to see the return to the classroom and human interaction!  

As a result, we are seeing a lot more PPT’s and #training materials that need localising to support the increase in classroom and onsite training.  

We are all different, and some people simply learn better when surrounded by others and spontaneous interaction. While a mix of learning methods absolutely works, there is still nothing quite like picking the brains of the tutor in situ and sharing the experience of your peers in a conversation.  

So, to all our in-class providers and students alike, we celebrate with you!  

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